Everything you need

We have had a bit of time of late to update our General Store online catalogue. Its a joy to bring back some of our old favorites along with some new exciting finds.

Things come and go here at the shop, our stock can change quite swiftly. We do love to share as much as we can with you online, via our online catalogue and we try and update it as much as possible.

We invite you to have a browse, to see if you may stumble across that thing you never knew you needed. All that could be desired when it comes to your home or even just that little treat.

We have candles to ceramics, bags to ladders. Pieces of furniture that are also available to order but we have plenty of beautiful one offs that are ready to be snapped up.

A constant stream of new arrivals are flowing through our doors over the next few months including a bespoke range of i gigi furniture, so watch this space!

If anything intrigues you please give us a call or a little email for more info. We are more than happy to help.

Lets go shopping….